Business excellence, and commercial awareness are the cornerstones of our practice. Our focus is clear; to achieve the best results for our clients by providing practically driven business management solutions. It is this approach and our unique combination of attitude, quality and service that enables us to deliver experienced, proactive and timely business advice, helping our clients to meet their objectives.

We are continuously developing our practice to meet the needs of our existing client base whilst attracting new business. We have the personnel, and most importantly, we have the experience, resources and the knowhow to provide solutions that are efficient and cost effective for all levels of business. Our clients greatly value our ability to deliver quality business advice in a personal and client focused manner.


For small and medium enterprises we provide a be-spoke package of services for our clients. We tailor our services to meet your business and budget requirements thereby ensuring your business gets the support it needs to remain compliant and most importantly competitive.

Forensic & Regulatory

We have a wealth of experience in dealing with both the legal profession and the Criminal Assets Bureau. We have been engaged as expert witnesses in very challenging cases.

In addition to the above, we have being providing services to regulated industries such as Credit Unions and Solicitors for the past five years, were we have developed experience and understanding of the particular needs within these industries.

Services to Credit Unions

Our hands-on, service-oriented philosophy assures insightful observations and recommendations that focus on transparency in preparing the annual report for the members of your credit union.

Credit unions are our focus. Whether your credit union has assets of €1 million or €100 million, our extensive experience ensures that we have the knowledgeable staff and resources to most efficiently and effectively fulfil all your auditing and regulatory needs.

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Please visit our specialist services, here: Credit Union Commission Report Services which we have developed in accordance with the Credit Union Commissions findings


Services to Solicitors

With any business operating within a regulated enviorment you need an accountant who knows how to comply with such regulation.

We have vast experience in working with solicitors and the Law Society. We have attended disciplinary hearings on behalf of practising solicitors and successfully agreed outcomes agreeable to both sides.

If you would like to know more about our services follow the link below or contact us directly, details are in contact us.

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Services to Directors

We provide a detailed and comprehensive service to directors who find themselves with the difficult and stressful task of chairing a Creditors Meeting for their company.

If you or clients need assistance in preparing for a forthcoming creditors meeting please do not hesistate in contacting us for confidential advice.

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Services to Accountants

We are available to help and assist  accountants who may need assistance with how best to guide and advise their clients that their business is no longer a going concern.

We can meet with the accountant and client together to take you both through the stages of preparing a company for liquidation.

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